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Hefty Seed growers: Farmers Edge is now at your service


If you’ve seen their cool displays at Commodity Classic or a billboard along the Interstate and wondered how to get your hands on some of the field-centric data available through Farmers Edge, the Hefty brothers have made it easier.

On Thursday at the Ag Phd Field Day, Farmers Edge announced that Hefty Seed has come on board as a representative of Farmers Edge and that all Hefty locations will now be selling Farmers Edge services to their growers.

“We have been working with the Hefty Ag PhD’s team for the past year testing our services on their farm and today we are really excited to announce they have come on board as a representative of Farmers Edge so all Hefty locations going forward will be selling Farmers Edge services to their growers,” said Patrick Crampton, Chief Operating Officer, Farmers Edge.

Farmers Edge, a Canadian-based company, currently operate in 13 states in the U.S. With this new partnership, Farmers Edge services will be expanding their territory through 52 Hefty Seed locations.

“Even since the announcement, we are talking with the locations outside of that core service area about how do we expand our team on the ground and support the work the guys are doing in some of these other places,” Crampton said.

The partnership was just the first of a two-part announcement at Field Day as the two companies also revealed they will be further developing Ag PhD’s soil test app and will be launching the new and improved version September 15.

“It’s a tool that any Hefty Ag PhD customer can use to do their own soil sampling,” Crampton said. “We work in partnership with Midwest Labs in terms of the soil analysis and so it’s a kind of do-it-yourself tool to support that work along with Ag PhD team.”

According to Jamie Denbow, Product Manager, Farmers Edge,  the app will allow a farmer to border his own fields, select a grid size, apply that grid to the field, and essentially conduct self-directed soil sampling. Through a label number attached to the sample, a grower will be able track that sample to Midwest Labs and back into the grower portal to see the results.

“We sat down with Brian, Darren, and their entire team and seen what their past app had, all the conveniences that it had and we wanted to make sure we maintained those and we asked those questions on what they wanted it to turn into as we went,” Denbow said. “Really what we are working on now is offering a tool that has the conveniences of their previous app as well as making some improvements on it as well through the new launch.”

Denbow said the app is being built to be housed on Android or iOS technology and will work well on a handheld unit or tablet.

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