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Hemp group says Farm Bill amendments are discriminatory


One hemp organization is not pleased with the latest Senate Farm Bill amendments and is claiming the legislation is discriminatory.

In reference to recent Federal Senate Farm bill amendments made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, GrowHempColorado is concerned about a “concession” to the Department of Justice in the language which targeted a specific group of felons, specifically drug felons. In many states a drug felony for cannabis equates to less than one ounce.

GrowHempColorado says thanks to this amendment, minority communities who have been hit hardest by the failed War on Drugs will find it difficult to participate in the growing and thriving hemp industry. The group also contends that the amendment will force many African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and others who have a state or federal drug felony convictions to shut down existing operations and will be unable to grow, process, or own a hemp business in the future.

Hemp has over 50,000 uses, such as food, medicine, fiber, construction materials, animal food, cosmetics, and beauty in addition to many new jobs, tax revenues and new business opportunities.

In their statement, GrowHempColorado said:

“Felons such as rapists, child molesters and murderers will be allowed to work in hemp, however this isolated, single group of minorities which has been targeted and impacted by the discriminatory War on Drugs will be not allowed.

“We denounce racism and discrimination in the cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) industries and this new language needs to be challenged and removed. With a booming multi-million dollar domestic hemp industry many will be forced out, unable to benefit from a legitimate and legal business opportunity.”

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