Images from Sunday’s premiere of farm documentary ‘Before The Plate’


From a theater on the campus of the University of Toronto to Canoe restaurant 54 stories above the city, Sunday evening’s premiere and celebration of the “Before The Plate” food and farming documentary film was an amazing event. 

Over the course of the past year, we have followed the journey of the film’s creator, Dylan Sher, as he’s written about his experiences and the education he received about modern farming (despite being just a city boy to behind with). 

We at AGDAILY offered our review of the film, and we spoke to the chef who is the focal figure in the film prior to the screening.

Here are photos from the afternoon of the premiere and the VIP afterparty at Canoe, where the dish featured in the film, with all 10 ingredients traced back to eight farms, was served.

All images were taken by the “Before The Plate” crew or AGDAILY’s editor.

Images from Before The Plate's premiere

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