John Deere adds three new products to its Frontier lineup


John Deere has added three products to its Frontier equipment lineup including a new rotary tiller portfolio, skid steer carrier adapter, and overseeder.

The SA20F Skid Steer Carrier Adapter and RT30 Gear-Driven Rotary Tillers are directly aimed at property owners and can be used in non-commercial ag applications. In addition, the GS10L Ground-Driven Overseeder is ideal for use by residential homeowners, large property owners, and for commercial residential seeding and overseeding applications.

“The new Frontier SA20F Skid Steer Carrier Adapter is compatible with John Deere 100, 200 and 300E Compact Utility Tractor Loaders and enables you to utilize industry-standard skid steer attachments on a compact utility tractor,” said Scott Geier, John Deere manager sales and marketing for partnered products. “The SA20F gives your existing tractor and loader added versatility to do more without the hassle and expense of upgrading your inventory of skid steer attachments and helps keep your input costs low.”

Geier said the SA20F can be attached or detached in under 50 seconds, thanks to its quick attachment feature that minimizes setup time. 

Frontier’s new RT30 Gear Driven Rotary Tillers easily turn over and mix soil while preparing seedbeds for planting and are compatible with John Deere 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Family Tractors. The RT30 Series features nine rotary flanges with six tempered boron steel C blades. The extra-large rear bonnet ensures an ideal finish and levels the soil, preventing ridges from forming during each pass.

A tempered gear-drive transmission on the RT30 Rotary Tillers is available in forward and reverse rotation and requires less maintenance than roller chain drives according to Geier. “Since the gear-drive is enclosed in an oil bath, it’s able to outlast chain drives, and helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum,” Geier said. RT30 Gear Driven Rotary Tillers are available in four sizes: 42, 49, 62 and 73 inches each with adjustable skids and are Category 1 and iMatch compatible.

Another addition to the Frontier lineup is the GS10L Ground Driven Overseeder that’s built especially for residential, property owner, and commercial residential use. An industry exclusive calibration tray can be used to adjust for the desired seeding rate and can save you up to 30 minutes when compared to the competition.

Two sizes are available, a 48-inch limited Category 1; and a 60-inch limited Category 1, two-seedbox option, equipped with fluted seed cups and an agitator that provide accurate and uniform delivery of turf grass seeds. The primary seed box can be used for cool season seeds such as rye grass, fescue, and orchard grass. The legume box can be used for seeding alfalfa, Bermuda, and clover. Seed boxes can be engaged or disengaged so any one seed box or all seed boxes can operate. Spiked rollers or concave disks on the unit can be angled for cultivation or for opening and seeding in hard or thatch-covered soil conditions.

The new Frontier tools are now available to order. 

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