Judge dismisses standoff case against Cliven Bundy


A judge has dismissed the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons, and another co-defendant in their 2014 standoff with federal agents. U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro threw out the felony conspiracy and weapons charges Monday citing “flagrant misconduct” by prosecutors and FBI.

Navarro said “the government’s conduct in this case was indeed outrageous. There has been flagrant misconduct, substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient.” She had previously granted a mistrial in December after finding that the federal government improperly withheld evidence.

The 2014 standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for using federally-owned land adjacent to his ranch.

The dismissal with prejudice, means prosecutors can’t seek a new trial. This is now the second trial the federal government has failed to convict the Bundys after armed standoffs.

Here’s what Bundy had to say after the charges were dismissed:

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