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Verdesian’s clever ‘Keep It In Your Plants’ campaign zeroes in on nutrient use


Whoever said farmers had no sense of humor was greatly mistaken. Verdesian Life Sciences launched a satirical marketing campaign aimed at educating growers on the importance of Nutrient Use Efficiency. The campaign encourages farmers to “Keep It In Your Plants,” and demonstrates how Verdesian’s NUE solutions help them make better use of their fertilizer dollars by increasing plant nutrient uptake.

Paul Beck, Vice President of Global Marketing said, “This campaign is an engaging way to help farmers learn more about how nutrient use efficiency can work to make their farms more profitable.”

Nutrient loss is a common issue that negatively impacts farmers’ profitability and the environment overall by leading to larger input costs and unnecessary use of fertilizer. By making use of NUE solutions, farmers can maximize nutrient uptake, lessen their input costs, and minimize their impact on their soil.

The campaign introduces a farmer who is intent on getting the most from his field by trying the latest in “pop-culture” trends. While the methods he tries are satirical, the campaign takes an informative approach to provide insights to growers on how nutrient use efficiency can benefit their farms. Verdesian has also created a microsite containing a video to explain the concept of NUE, and encourages farmers to visit the site to learn more and share its content. Farmers can share their NUE best practices on their preferred social media platform using the hashtag #keepitinyourplants.

“Verdesian Life Sciences believes that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand,” added Beck. “It is our dedication to helping farmers get the most from their investment that makes us the ‘nutrient use efficiency people’. Farmers can continue to rely on Verdesian to deliver products that help them keep nutrients in their crops, where they belong.”

Farmers are encouraged to visit to learn more about the benefits that nutrient use efficiency can bring to their business. This website is full of ag-related, comical memes and videos like the one below. In addition, they have a link to their website with a better break down of Nutrient Use Efficiency. 

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