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Kubota’s new Sidekick tailored for large farms and ranches


Kubota doubled-down on cargo and towing capacity for its new Sidekick utility vehicle — and made it speedier to boot.

Given a formal debut last week at the National Farm Machinery Show, Kubota’s RTV-XG850 is run on a 48 hp engine and can reach speeds of up to 40 mph, which compares to 29 mph for other RTV-X models and is especially capable for farmers and ranchers who have a lot of ground to cover on their properties.

The vehicle has the look and feel of something above and beyond a typical utility-vehicle offering. The bed is slightly wider and shorter so that the load sits over the axle better, offering weightier capacities and better control. There are 55 new accessories that can be outfitted onto this machine (think premium audio system, sports roof, and bed extender, to name a few), with some classic ones, such as the front bumper, LED headlights, and tilt wheel, being standard. Notable, too, is that the Sidekick is equipped with a continuously variable transmission with centrifugal clutch, and has a water-cooled engine to improve torque.

During the walkthrough at #NFMS18, the product manager zeroed in on the electronic power steering, which adjusts the power steering based on speed so as to give the driver better handling and stability. Tuned front and rear independent suspension means a consistently smooth ride, and engine-assisted braking allows for greater control and increased safety during descents.

“On the farm, around the pasture and in the woods, the Kubota Sidekick is the best multi-use machine on the market and is Kubota’s fastest, strongest, and most agile utility vehicle yet,” Project Manager Roger Gifford said.

Of course, you can’t talk about utility vehicles without talking about the muscle they offer. The steel cargo box has capacity of 1,000 pounds, and is made with hauling gear, tools, firewood, and more in mind (the hydraulic lift is optional). The Sidekick can tow 1,550 pounds on an incline and 2,000 pounds on flat ground. 

Not to be overlooked, since this is something that Kubota said customers have asked for, the RTV-XG850 is available in two new colors, green and black, in addition to orange and RealTree AP camo.

Models on display were listed at $14,772 with $2,176 in accessories and a premium model at $15,552 with $2,658 in accessories.

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