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Catching eyes from the sky: Maryland farmer invents CropAds


A grain farmer from Poolesville, Maryland, has found another way to earn money from his wheat fields — he’s placing ads. And now the innovative farmer is hoping other farmers across the country can profit from the economical advertising technique he’s dubbed as “CropAds.”

John Jamison uses GPS technology and a planter to create expansive images and text made out of harvestable crops. With the help of fellow farmer, Curtis Martin, Jamison selects an image or text that he wishes to imprint in a field, inputs the information into the GPS system on his planter, and can begin growing the image from hybrid seeds of corn, soy, wheat, or grass. As the crops grow, the image will emerge across the landscape.

Jamison’s first CropAd is currently exhibited from now until the end of this month, in a wheat field in Poolesville where a mix of dark and light colored wheat displays the words, “Maryland Welcomes You,” in crisp text that spans the entire length of the field.

Companies and corporations can utilize Jamison’s CropAds to create impressive advertisements for their products and services with nature as the medium. The striking visual of a crop advertisement makes a viable marketing tool for airports since airplane passengers can admire the images at an advantage from up above.

Jamison’s goal is to market his technology to farmers across the country so they can offer crop advertisement services to a range of prospective clients. Jamison is available to offer crop advertisement services using his own equipment to interested customers in the Maryland area.

His exciting invention may be one of the most groundbreaking developments in sustainable advertising yet.

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