Missouri Democrats propose ‘Farmer’s Bill of Rights’


Missouri Democrats have recently taken a stand against foreign ownership of land, unveiling a“Farmer’s Bill of Rights.” The Bill is composed of three core values aimed at taking on monopolies and foreign corporations, as the Democrats say to restore competition and protect the rights of Missouri’s family farmers.

The Missouri Democratic Party’s “Farmer’s Bill of Rights” includes: The Right to Fair and Open Markets, The Right to Local Control of Land, and The Right to Rural Opportunity. To help restore these three core values for family farmers, the Missouri Democratic Party also highlighted key policy priorities including: stopping foreign ownership of land, improving country-of-origin labeling, increasing transparency for contract growers, protecting local regulations of CAFOs, and ending corporate stacking of the Clean Water Commission.

The Missouri Democratic Party announced the “Farmer’s Bill of Rights” in Jefferson City, as the first stop in a tour around the state.

“Traveling to over 80 counties in the last year, I’ve seen firsthand that economic opportunity in our rural communities is disappearing — and it’s clear that the Republican establishment in Jefferson City has only made the problem worse by favoring foreign corporations and monopolies at the expense of our family farmers,” stated Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber. “That’s exactly why we’re fighting back and renewing these core values that will keep more money in the pockets of family farmers and help reverse the decline of main streets all across Missouri.”

Missouri Farmers Union President Richard Oswald said, “Every single day, Missouri’s family farmers are denied their right to country-of-origin labeling — which is an unfair marketing practice that directly cuts into the amount of money that could be staying in our rural communities. We’re glad to see Missouri Democrats shine a light on this important economic issue for farmers.”

In response to the Missouri Democrat Party, the Missouri Republican Party released these statements:

“The Missouri Republican Party has been a long-time defender and friend to our state’s agricultural community – in fact I am a member of that community and we can always rely on Republican leaders to fight for us,” said Todd Graves, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. “Unlike the Democrats, we don’t need an unveiling of what we are doing for Missouri agriculture – voters already understand it and have for many years. Our farmers and ranchers are a large part of what makes our state great, and that community will continue to find an ally in the Missouri Republican Party.”

Sam Cooper, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party added:

“After losing rural Missouri by historic margins in 2016, it’s comical that the Missouri Democrat Party now thinks a press release and press conference in Jefferson City makes them the party of farmers,” said Sam Cooper, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “The Missouri Republican Party always has and always will stand with Missouri farmers and rural Missourians – not just when it’s politically convenient.”

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