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Necropsy investigation: Washington horse bit her tongue off


Last week we shared a story from Washington state about a 28-year-old horse name Annie, whose owner found her tongue severed off and laying in a pasture. At the time of the incident, a local animal hospital had said there was no way the horse could have done this on her own and it was believed that some human had cut the tongue out. A $2,000 reward was even put up for more information.

But after several veterinarians looked at the injury and a necropsy was performed this week, the conclusion was the animal had accidentally bit her tongue off.

Pasado’s Safe Haven, who had put up the reward money, said they “appreciate everyone who has offered to donate to the Reward, and all of you that shared our concern for this sweet horse. Our mission is to end animal cruelty, and without support like yours, we cannot do it.”

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