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Need latest market report? Look into the mirror


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Farmers may soon be asking a question similar to this on grain prices with a new smart mirror called “Grainbot.” Grain analysis company Grainbot recently launched a voice-activated mirror capable of playing videos, displaying fundamental grain market information, forecasting the weather, and providing instant buy/sell market opinion.

“Farmers and small grain processors come in as underdogs when it comes to pricing their grain due to their scope of operation,” said Kurt Ahrens, founder of Grainbot. “Quality information takes an incredible amount of time and resources which is currently only available to large agribusinesses and hedge funds. Grainbot was founded to level the playing field of information in the area of corn and wheat for the little guys in agriculture. We harness the power of bots and couple it with our deep knowledge of the supply chain providing our customers with an edge they currently do not have access to. We have designed our mirror to make the consumption of this information as enjoyable and efficient to consumers as possible so that our customers can get back to doing what they do best.”

The mirror screen comes in at nearly 21 inches. The decorative piece comes in an elegant black wood casing and is designed to be hung on a wall. Because it is voice activated, it requires a relatively quiet area while vocal commands are being given.

Running on Wi-Fi, Grainbot currently contains over 100 dashboards providing supply and demand data relative to corn and wheat. A “run video” feature plays the most recent analysis and opinion video which is exclusive to the mirror. Daily market sentiments and notes are posted frequently for corn and wheat prices with confidence intervals.

Grainbot is available now at The price of Grainbot and the first year of membership is $965 and comes with free shipping. Supplies are limited.

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