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New York dairy farmer dies after gored by bull


A Middlefield, New York dairy farmer has passed away this week after a bull he was feeding attacked him.

According to, EMS crews found the body of Eugene Wolfert, 68, in his pasture Tuesday morning. Authorities believe Wolfert was feeding the bull at the time, but do not know what set the animal off at the time.

Wolfert was attacked by the bull multiple times and was eventually pushed out of the pasture. A family member witnessed the attack in progress and called 911.

Family members said the animal had shown no signs of aggressive behavior before. He has since been euthanized.

Wolfert was also a member of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Department, who took to Facebook Wednesday to offer their condolences.

According to Temple Grandin, dairy bulls can often become dangerous if they haven’t been properly socialized with their own kind. If a bull calf has been raised alone and has not had the opportunity to interact with other bulls, he thinks he is a person and he wants to exert his dominance over the “herd.”

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