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NFMS Snapshot: New Holland’s new GENESIS T8 Series tractor packed with precision tech


Comfort, convenience, and customizable next-gen controls are part of the redesigned GENESIS T8 cab


New Holland Agriculture pulled out all of the stops with its first major cab redesign in years — one that’s more than five years in the making and puts a priority on comfort, convenience, and accessibility to build upon in the future.

At the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show, New Holland Agriculture unveiled its updated GENESIS T8 Series tractor, integrating the company’s intuitive precision farming platform like never before. This platform, called Precision Land Management Intelligence, is built in-house from the ground up. It’s been out for several years and has evolved in that time, but the way it’ll pair with the machinery lines is going to help drive New Holland forward in the market. The plan is that in the next three years, this precision platform will be rolled out to more tractors as well as to New Holland’s combines.

The GENESIS T8 is designed to adapt to an individual farmer’s unique needs. New Holland held customer clinics for years to gain insight into what operators wanted most from their machines. The GENESIS T8’s features range from advanced connectivity between operators, vehicles, advisors, and dealers to improve productivity and reduce downtime, to customizable controls, improved visibility, and enhanced comfort.

Customizable controls allow every operator to adjust the settings based on their unique preferences and requirements. The side arm has been brought in closer, and the formerly 10-inch screen has been enlarged to 12 inches, with a wide range of options to display. It’s certainly got a more tablet-like feel than ever before, often with fewer buttons required to get to what you need, which should help farmers get used to how the changes function. Select buttons on the controls and console are also customizable for up to 120 different possibilities (for quick access to camera angles, as one example).  The all-new cab is overall bigger and features more accessible storage, increased power ports (lots of space to plug in gadgets!), egress lights, and an ergonomic seat for optimal comfort.

GENESIS T8 Series tractor
Image by Ryan Tipps

“Based on firsthand input from farmers in the field, we’ve created a tractor that’s literally built for the way they work,” says Ken Paul, product marketing manager for New Holland, North America. “The reimagined cab design offers the most comfortable and convenient driver experience, and next-generation intuitive controls that can be easily customized to the tasks at hand.”

The new InfoView monitor is positioned in direct line-of-sight on the dash so you can keep your eyes on the horizon ahead. Strategically placed cameras make it easy to navigate in and out of traffic and keep your eyes on in-field work as well. New 360-degree LED work lights turn night into day, delivering up to 25 percent more visible light for greater awareness of surroundings while operating. Overall, the cab is built with maximum visibility in mind, and the machine expertly integrates New Holland’s advanced Precision Land Management platform in all facets.

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