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Oregon woman first to be infected with cattle eye worm


A strange case of eye worm reported this week in a 26-year-old Oregon woman may have some ranchers squeezing their peeps shut. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene released their case report on Abby Beckley, a Brookings, Oregon woman who discovered worms in her eye that typically feed on cattle tears.

The case report says a total of 14 worms were removed from the patient’s left eye and were morphologically identified as being . Until now, only two species of have been implicated in causing human disease, in Asia and Europe and occasional reports of from the United States of America. This type,  (the cattle eyeworm), however is a previously unreported parasite of humans and the first reported case of human thelaziasis in North America in over two decades.

Bradley, who was working as a summer deck hand on a 58-foot commercial fishing boat near Prince of Wales Island when she made the discovery, thinks she may have been infected while working at a Southern Oregon cattle ranch earlier this summer.

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