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Party Foul: Bud Light disses corn farmers in Super Bowl ad


Last night as the Super Bowl aired, many people watched with family and friends as the Patriots and the Rams played. However, the main reason people watched the Super Bowl —  77 percent of our Instagram followers — was for the ads. In previous years there have been ads that have put a spotlight on agriculture, for the good and bad. Like any other year, this year promised to bring 30-second ads worth $5.3 million each, to entertain us during the game. As I sat during the first quarter watching the Bud Light commercial, I was stunned. 

Bud Light dished out $5.3 million to let everyone know that they do not brew their beer with corn syrup — oh, and called out Miller lite and Coors Lite for doing so. #AgTwitter had something to say about that. Many corn farmers stated they were disappointed in Bud Light’s ad and will be switching to a different beer. Although small, the farming community can make an impact on their choice in beverages. My question for Bud Light would be this, who were you trying to impress? Was that $5.3 million commercial really worth it? Also, when you have to explain your ad, maybe you try again. 

Check out the responses below to see what social media thought about Bud Light’s dig at corn farmers. 

Of course Miller Lite and Coors Lite were not just going to be called out and not have anything to say about it.

Some of the best shade was thrown out by Adam Collins, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs for Miller Coors. Advice to Adam, next tweet should be: “We welcome all disdained corn farmers.” 

What do you think? Does any of this matter? Or do you see this as another opportunity for a company to explore marketing tactics to gain new consumers through fear marketing. We will let the consumer be the decision maker on this one. 

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