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Future of Agriculture podcaster traveling the country with Cool Planet to uncover soil stories


A new educational multimedia series about soil health, called Stories from the Soil, is being launched — a collaboration between Tim Hammerich, the host of the Future of Agriculture podcast, and the ag tech company Cool Planet. They will travel across the U.S. to hear from farmers, land stewards, and researchers on soil health management practices, innovation, and realities from the ground level.

“Soil health is the literal groundwork and foundation of our nation’s agricultural system and our food supply,” said Tim Hammerich, CEO of Future of Agriculture and host of its national podcast. “There is a vast amount of information being published about soil health that’s either too technical or too general which results in its importance not translating to our everyday lives — from crops on the farm, the food on our family dinner table, to our nation’s food security. Stories from the Soil is a partnership that we hope gets to the heart of soil health by featuring conversations and insights from the people who are dealing with soil issues and successes every single day.”

Here’s the first episode:

In addition to the website and videos, the multimedia series will include podcasts and blog posts that tell the stories of innovative and leading soil professionals and offers practical advice to others interested in improving soil health.

The series will include discussions with these folks:

  • Joe Breker, Grower at Joseph Breker Farms in Havana, North Dakota
  • John Diener, President & CEO, Red Rocks Ranch in Five Points, California
  • John Heermann, innovative, no-till farmer from Huxton, Colorado
  • Jay Hill, Co-Owner at Hill Farms and Wholesome Valley Farms in Las Cruces, New Mexico area
  • Jeffrey P Mitchell Ph.D., Cropping Systems Specialist from UC Davis Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
  • Israel Morales, Grower at JV Farms Organic inSalinas, CA
  • Don Perry, Organic Specialist at J.R. Simplot Company, Inc.
  • Navé Strauss, Director of Street Tree Planting at New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Dr. Abbey Wick, Assistant Professor, Extension Soil Health Specialist at North Dakota State University

“We are a company that is deeply dedicated to the science and technology behind soil health and we firmly believe the best ideas and solutions that drive the market forward come from farmers and other partners who are on the front lines,” noted Jim Loar, CEO of Cool Planet. “We are excited to be partnering with the Future of Agriculture to dig deeper into soil health and bring these stories to the forefront so we can all learn from our country’s experts and improve our nation’s soils.”

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