President Trump signs new trade deal with Canada and Mexico


“This has been a battle and battles sometimes make great friendships,” President Trump stated in opening regards at the signing of a new trade deal. Today, President Trump along with Mexico’s President — Enrique Peña Nieto and Canada’s Prime Minister — Justin Trudeau, signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in Argentina at the G20 summit.

“The USCMA is the largest, most significant modern and balanced trade agreement in history.” President Trump continued, “In the United States, the new trade pact will support high paying manufacturing jobs, and promote greater access for American exports across the range of sectors including our farming, manufacturing, and service industries. As part of our agreement, the United States will be able to lock in our market access to Canada and Mexico and greatly expand our agricultural exports, something we have been wanting to do for many years. This is an amazing deal for our farmers and also allows them to use cutting-edge biotechnology and eliminates nonscientific barriers.”  

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resounding words of praise for the agreement, but also also stated there was more work to do. “The new North American Free Trade agreement maintains stability for Canada’s entire economy. Stability that is essential for the millions of jobs in middle class families across the country, that rely on strong, reliable trading relations with our closest neighbors.”

However, Trudeau also voiced hesitation, continuing, “There is much more work to do, in lowering trade barriers and in fostering growth that benefits everyone.”

On his last day in office, Mexico’s president also showed praise for the new agreement and the balance it brings for the three countries.  “Together we are stronger and more competitive. ” President Peña Nieto continues, “Agreements need to move along with the economy and should be according to the needs of our society.”

After the signing of the agreement, it will have to go to each countries respective legislatures for review. It is not expected to get reviewed by Congress until next spring.

President Trump addressed the concern of agreement within Congress. “I look forward to working with members of Congress,” Trump said, “and I have to say it’s been so well-reviewed, I don’t expect to have much of a problem to secure the implementation of our agreement.”



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