Ram announces two new AgPack partners at auto show


Once again, Ram Trucks has chosen to invest their resources into sharing the story of America’s farm and ranch families. Five years ago, it was the Super Bowl commercial with Paul Harvey. When the doors opened this morning at the Los Angeles Auto Show, attendees were greeted with a brand-new Chassis Cab Harvest Edition truck as one of Ram’s spotlights. To complete the visual, Ram added product totes from AgPack partners AgroLiquid and NK Seeds (Syngenta) displayed on the bed of the truck.

“We’re already America’s most durable truck. Now we want to be the go-to truck for America’s farms and ranches,” says Dave Sowers, Head of Ram Commercial Truck Marketing. “We are the only truck company that created a product just for agriculture, based on input from farmers and ranchers themselves. It only makes sense we use that product to help share their story with the American public at one of the biggest auto events in the world.”

Ram’s commitment to agriculture extends far beyond product, though. “Because we listen, we know there are things that matter almost as much as durability to the farm customer,” says Sowers. “That is why we created an industry exclusive network of elite agriculture dealerships, trained by farmers and ranchers, who also offer a benefits package that will save our customer thousands of dollars in capital and operating expenses when they purchase a truck from one of our Certified Agriculture Dealers. It is branded as Ram AgPack and can provide an immediate return on the farmers truck investment.”

Another industry exclusive, Ram AgPack is a first ever collaboration of several agricultural corporations dedicated to delivering maximum value at the farm gate. By saving farmers and ranchers potentially thousands of dollars on items they intended to purchase anyway, this collaboration through Ram Trucks truly offers the American farm & ranch a return on their truck investment that no other truck company provides.

“We are humbled by these partnerships. To be accepted by agribusiness, as another agribusiness partner, is a big investment in us. One we don’t take lightly. We know things are tough in ag right now. While others may be steering away from agriculture, our Ram AgPack partnership is running in to do what we can for these family businesses,” Sowers concludes.

As of today, two more well-known names in American agriculture have joined the other 8 Ram AgPack family members. Beginning immediately, Titan International, the manufacturer of Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires, and Syngenta’s NK Seed have added their partnership to the Ram exclusive value bundle.

Any farmer or rancher buying a new Ram truck from any one of the more than 200 Certified Agriculture Dealers will be eligible for a $250 rebate on a 40-unit tote of NK Soybean product, or a $1500 rebate on a 40-unit tote of NK brand corn product. Essentially, this amounts to a 15% rebate on a 40-unit seed purchase.

Titan International, the manufacturer of Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires, is offering a $2,500 rebate on any Titan or Goodyear Farm Tire product when any new Ram Truck is purchased by a farmer from one of the Ram Certified Agriculture Dealerships. 

In total, beginning today a farmer or rancher who buys their Ram truck from a Certified Ram Agriculture Dealer can receive the entire Ram AgPack bundle with their purchase:

  • Ag-Friendly financing from AgDirect, powered by Farm Credit, with payment terms to match the farm or ranch income stream.
  • 25% off any purchase* of RhinoAg equipment, plus cash back on the balance.
  • $2500 rebate* on any Titan International (Titan or Goodyear Farm Tires) purchase.
  • $250 Soybean seed rebate, or $1500 corn seed rebate from NK Seed.
  • $1000 toward the purchase of AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition.
  • $1000 discount* on the purchase of a new Reinke Irrigation System, or $500 towards parts* on an existing Reinke Irrigation system.
  • Industry exclusive discounts* on many Gallagher Livestock products.
  • $250 rebate* on Knapheide upfit to a Ram Ag Truck.
  • One-year subscription* to Agrible’s premium farm analytics suite.
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