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Shark Farmer podcasts with Ontario farmer Andy Pasztor


Rob Sharkey, aka Shark Farmer, talks this week with Canadian farmer Andy Pasztor, who grows corn, soybeans, and vegetables, and is connected to his family’s DowSeeds dealerships.

One thing we really love about this podcast (there’s so much to love!) is his shout-out to former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules as one of the best agvocates out there.

“He’s about the best guy we could have for us, because he’s going to get the ears of the soccer moms and the university school girls,” Andy says. “He’s got a further reach than you and me.”

Agvocating is all about getting the word out about what you do and being a spokesperson for the profession. Chris certainly does that.

Take a listen to the podcast, and be sure to follow Rob and Andy on Twitter!

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