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Syngenta’s Clariva Elite Beans with nematicide gets EPA nod


Syngenta soybean growers now have some added protection against soybean cyst nematodes. Clariva Elite Beans seed treatment with nematicide has received registration approval from the EPA.

Clariva Elite Beans combines the active ingredients of Clariva pn and CruiserMaxx Vibrance seed treatment into a convenient premix formulation.

Clariva pn is the only seed-applied nematicide on the market that offers season-long protection from the No. 1 soybean pest, soybean cyst nematode (SCN), by reducing its feeding and reproduction. It reduces the impact from sudden death syndrome and other SCN-related diseases and provides an average yield increase of 2.7 bushels per acre compared to an insecticide/fungicide seed treatment alone.

Greg Tylka, Ph.D., nematologist at Iowa State University, believes that nematicides may provide some added protection in fields where the performance of SCN-resistant soybean varieties is declining. “Almost all resistant soybean varieties on the market contain the same set of resistance genes [PI88788],” he said. ”By overusing those genes, we’re seeing the nematode become resistant to the resistance.”

In addition to Clariva pn, Clariva Elite Beans contains an insecticide and three fungicides, which improve root health and vigor, protect against a wide range of early-season insects and diseases, and provide an industry-leading return on investment. The RootingPower of Vibrance fungicide protects the entire root system through soil mobility and long-lasting systemic activity for an added level of Rhizoctonia protection. The Cruiser Vigor Effect is scientifically proven to help produce more robust, vigorous plants, even in the absence of insects.

“With this formulated low-use rate premix, treaters know and trust that the active ingredients will treat easily and uniformly, won’t separate from the seed or build up on the planter, or end up wasted as dust on the ground,” said Dale Ireland, Ph.D., Seedcare technical product lead at Syngenta.

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