Texas Farm Bureau fires back against border wall website


The Texas Farm Bureau has sent a cease and desist letter to a group opposed to the border wall after they used a former President’s quote and photo out of context on their website.

The website, Defend Texas, displayed a photograph of ex-Texas Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke, along with a quote stating “[i]t was inconceivable to us that the Governor that has stood in front of Farm Bureau members at dozens of meetings, who was professing his support for property rights, turned his back on farmers and ranchers and property owners.”

The Texas Farm Bureau said while this photo and quote was presumably meant as a public display of support and/or sponsorship for the content contained on the website in opposition to President Trump’s border wall, it is out of context.

As the Farm Bureau points out, Dierschke’s term as President of Texas Farm Bureau ended in August of 2014. At that time and during most of Dierschke’s tenure, Rick Perry was Governor of Texas. Therefore the organization says any quote made by Dierschke in his capacity as Texas Farm Bureau President about property rights and/or the Texas Governor was made in a wholly different context than is portrayed on the website.

“Further, your use of Mr. Dierschke’s name and likeness in combination with a quote taken out-of-context from several years ago and purporting to apply Texas Farm Bureau’s position on a current issue, where the current Texas Farm Bureau President and Texas Governor are entirely different people, constitutes a
misleading, inaccurate, and material misrepresentation,” the letter states. The Defend Texas website maintains that they includes images of public figures, living and deceased, and historical quotes concerning public statements they have made regarding the protection of private property. 

Defend Texas went on to say since the agency is demanding they do not publish a selected quote from their former President, they have instead included a link to the full article titled Interview with Texas Farm Bureau President, as archived on the Internet.

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