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NFMS Snapshot: Titan expands Goodyear R14T crossover tire line


Designed to perform in a variety of conditions, the Goodyear R14T tire now comes in 14 new sizes


Why do just one task when you can do double that? In the past, buying a compact or utility tractor meant picking either an R-1 (agricultural tire), R-3 (turf tire), or R-4 (industrial tire) for your new machine. But Titan International‘s versatile R14T tractor tire is helping to change that thinking, and this year, the tire line has expanded to 14 new sizes.

The R14 combines the aggressiveness of an R-1 with some of the hard-surface aspects of an R-4 (now you can see how they got the R14 name) to increase the lug surface on the ground while also having something that excels in the field. Goodbye purchase-point guesswork.

The focus is currently on machines from 17hp up to 150hp, so it’s no surprise that compact/utility kingpin Kubota is on board putting these tires on its new machines, as is LS Tractors.

Goodyear R14T
Image by Ryan Tipps

It’s not your average-looking tire — there’s definitely a “wow factor” to it. But one thing that really sets this apart is the space between the lugs.

“Although this tire has an industrial center on it, once you get into the softer conditions, it’ll actually clean itself much better than some other brands out there will,” Scott Sloan, ag product manager at Titan, said at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show. The design also helps to eliminate some of the rough riding on harder surfaces, as well as some of the poor wear patterns that may emerge.

“Based on overwhelming demand from original equipment manufacturers and end users, we expanded this line to 18 total sizes, making this our premier tire line for nearly any subcompact tractor or loader, as well as any compact or utility tractor on the market,” Sloan said.

This tire is expected to fully replace other models currently on the market.

The new sizes include:

  • 23×8.50-12NHS
  • 12-16.5NHS
  • 27×8.50-15NHS
  • 15-19.5NHS
  • 18×8.50-10NHS
  • 26×12.00-12NHS
  • 320/85R24 LSW320/70R28
  • 380/85R24 LSW380/70R28
  • 460/85R30 LSW460/75R34
  • 460/85R38 LSW460/75R42

These new options are in addition to the sizes that debuted last year: LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34.

We see a lot of do-it-all potential here, even in some of the crummiest weather we encounter. “For example, for people who move snow, they used to often have to put chains on their tires,” Sloan said. “But there are so many biting edges on the R14 that they’re able to use it without chains.”

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