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Trespassers on California ranch to blame for suburban bull fight


A suburban California community was treated to a show this week, when a bull fight broke out on their street — and it was all thanks to trespassing hikers that left the gate open at a nearby ranch.

On Tuesday, the Fremont Police Department shared on Twitter an unusual call they received about two “black cows” fighting in the road.

It took quite the wrangling to get the bulls back to their ranch. The officers called in backup as well as the ranchers’ sons to help.

The reason the two studs got loose? Apparently community members like to go hiking in the hills and have been opening the private property’s gate for access.

According to KTVU, the rancher was fined an administrative fine of $100 for each of the bulls as two residencies in the area had property damages from the livestock scuffle. A fence and planter boxes were broken when the bulls ran through the front yard.

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