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Uber style pickup truck service expands


Pickup trucks are in high demand. An Uber style truck and van sharing program, Truxx has announced it will be expanding from New York and Florida to also cover Philadelphia, Louisville, and Atlanta.

Truxx is a digital platform that connects people with trucks with those in need of moving larger items, from large appliances purchased at a retailer to someone moving across town.  The company was founded in 2015 by Carlos Suarez who looked to connect those who needed a truck for one specific task and those who wanted to turn their truck into a source of income.

Needing a friend with a truck is clearly a universal sentiment as Truxx focuses on Louisville, Kentucky. In the past sixty days, Louisville has seen twice as many drivers sign up making their vehicles available to users. Truxx believes Louisville is a good market due to its size and ease of access from bordering communities.

Truxx is currently experiencing substantial nationwide growth. Those in need are finding this service a convenient alternative to renting a truck or hiring a moving service. Retailers are co-marketing Truxx as a last mile delivery service and truck owners are discovering a new way to earn money.

Truxx prices start at $25.

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