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Update: More financial relief on tap for wildfire victims


From the moment the western wildfires began to swallow farms and ranches, we all knew there would be no easy band-aid to fix the damage to the ag industry. Though the most intense wildfire spots have been extinguished, there are still blazes — and there are still efforts being made to save what can be saved and to help those in need.

The response from many corners of agriculture has been a heartening one, as we unite under a shared desire to help our farming brothers and sisters. And the relief continues. Monsanto just announced that it will give spread $200,000 equally among Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. In Texas, the $50,000 in matching donations will go to Texas Farm Bureau’s Panhandle Wildfire Relief Fund. More than half a million acres in that part of the state have been burned, and landowners lost buildings, equipment, livestock, and fences. And, as saddening as it has been, some ranchers lost their lives.

“We consider it a privilege to play a small part in the Texas relief efforts and encourage others to join us in restoring the livelihoods of the state’s farmers and ranchers who have lost homes, crops, livestock and grazing lands. We’re all in this together,” said Brett Begemann, president and chief operating officer at Monsanto.

Donations can be made here for the Wildfire Relief Fund.

Kansas is putting its share from Monsanto toward the Young Farmers & Ranchers wildfire relief effort. Colorado’s and Oklahoma’s moneies will be part of their disaster funds.

Relief efforts are happening on a smaller scale, too.

Far away in in central Virginia, a fundraiser called Hope for the Heartland has been set up for April 7. The chili dinner held at Springlake Stockyard in Moneta is a $10-a-plate event, followed by a live auction. A hay spear, gift certificates, and homemade knifes fashioned out of horseshoes are some of the donated items that will be sold.

In Missouri, a GoFundMe page titled Central MO Wildfire Relief Convoy has raised $3,325 in the past 10 days (it’s goal was $3,000). The money is being used to help fund the delivery of aid items to those in need.

“We can’t do it alone. We need your help. Fuel cost is high,” the organizers said on the page. “We are working class citizens trying to accomplish a noble deed. Please, if you can, donate to our cause. Help us deliver the help these folks need.”

There are still opportunities to pitch in. Please do so, if you have the means.


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