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Farmer Renee kicks off week 4 of dairy education video series


As most students are home right now due to COVID-19, it is important to fill their time with fun, educational items. For the past three weeks, American Dairy Association North East has highlighted different dairy farmers with a weekly educational video series. For the fourth week we get to meet Farmer Renee, and her children — Nora and Landon — as they showcase some of their favorite dairy delicious recipes.

The series can be viewed everyday this week, Monday, April 13, through Friday, April 17, at 10 a.m. ET on the American Dairy Association North East Facebook page. This week’s video along with a daily printable worksheet can also be found on the American Dairy Association North East website

As we have seen for the past two weeks, dairy farmers across the country could use our support by purchasing multiple dairy products during our trip to the grocery store. Stock up on your favorite dairy products and join Farmer Renee this week as she makes kid-friendly dairy treats. 

Day 1 — Parfaits 

Farmer Renee gives us her tips for the perfect kid-approved parfaits. Download our printable here and let your kids design their own parfaits.

Day 2 — Pizza

Craving pizza, but can’t get to your local pizza shop? Farmer Renee has you covered as she shares her personal pizza recipe that can be made with ingredients you have on-hand. Download our pizza-perfect printable here to design your own pizza.

For the past month, the American Dairy Association North East has been standing out as a fun, educational resource for students and parents. Check out their interactive video series with Week 1 — Farmer Katie, Week 2 — Farmer Jess, Week 3 — Farmer Lolly, and a virtual dairy farm tour here

Students and parents can learn more about the week-long farm fun series on the American Dairy Association North East Facebook Page.

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