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Wis. family starts manure gas monitor rebate after son’s death


A Wisconsin farm family wants to protect other farmers from the dangers of manure gas after losing their son in a manure pit agitation incident. The Mike Biadasz Manure-Gas Monitor Rebate Program offers gas monitors to Wisconsin farmers and manure haulers to help protect themselves from highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.

On Aug. 15, 2016, Mike Biadasz went out to agitate a large outdoor open pit on his family’s farm. When the crust layer on top of the pit opened, hydrogen sulfide gas was expelled. The National Weather Service found the wind was calm and the sky was clear early that morning, but with a heavy layer of fog near the ground. The lack of air movement and sudden release of hydrogen sulfide gas (which is heavier than air) tragically took Mike’s life, along with 16 steers.

Mike’s family established the rebate program to help prevent other families from enduring the same kind of tragedy.

Hydrogen sulfide’s lack of warning properties, unpredictable release, and high toxicity make gas monitors a must-have. High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, typically seen during agitation of manure storage units, can cause a person to collapse within minutes.

How the program works:

  • Rent any four-gas monitor from any recognized gas monitor rental company.
  • Mail in the rental receipt and the completed Rebate Form. Program participants will receive a $75 rebate after the rental of each four-gas monitor (up to five monitors per operation).
  • Must be a Wisconsin farmer or manure hauler.

Those who mention the Mike Biadasz Manure-Gas Monitor Rebate Program will receive special pricing from Premier Safety, Inc., (586) 840-3204. If you place your rental order by 2 p.m. Central Time, it will ship that day and arrive the next day.

The program is in collaboration with Marshfield Clinic Health System Center for Community Health Advancement and the National Farm Medicine Center.

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