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Woods releases next generation Batwing flexwing cutter


After extensive research with customers and dealers, Woods Equipment has launched a brand new  Batwing — the new BW15.50 flexwing cutter. Focusing on giving the end users what they want and need, Woods focused on designing a machine that is more reliable, more durable, easier to use, easier to maintain, and built to perform better.

“The Batwing is our flagship product. We know that generations of farmers have relied on this tried and true Woods product,” explains Anthony Welty, Product Manager. ”We want to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and the only way to do that is to understand their needs. With this new Batwing, we’ve created a machine that will raise the bar for all flexwing cutters.”

A variety of features make the new Batwing the most durable in the field. With a Woods exclusive design, steel tubes surround the perimeter to absorb shock and chain shielding integrated within the frame prevents damage. The machine’s beefy, heavy-duty skid shoes prevent gouging and protect the deck from damage, increasing its toughness and durability. The machine is also equipped with features that ease maintenance, including grease fittings that are easy to reach and a smooth, sloped deck that’s free of components for easy clean-up and greaseable quick-change blade pins.

Woods developed new patent-pending driveline lift assist system especially for the new 15-foot Batwing. With a locking feature and rolling mechanism, connecting the Batwing to a tractor’s PTO is quick, easy and simple. New gearbox seal technology with advanced engineering and material specifically developed for heavy-duty jobs in harsh environments results in less leaks and downtime, and the industry leading six-year warranty covers not just the gearbox but also the seals.

In addition, only on the new Woods Batwing will you find rounded wings that slice through brush, and a curved leading edge that easily maneuvers close to trees and poles. The calculated positioning of welded baffles optimize airflow for more even cutting and direct the cut material for superior distribution.

The BW15.50 is available from Woods’ dealers now. Two more models will be released later this year.

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