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Wyffels unveils 17 new products for 2018 growing season


Looking to up your corn strategies game? Wyffels Hybrids has rolled out 17 new products, including nine new base genetics, for the 2018 growing season.

The new products include hybrids featuring SmartStax and VT Double PRO traits, which are available as Wyffels Refuge in Bag (RIB). The lineup also includes five conventional hybrids and a Roundup Ready Corn 2 option. The products will be available to corn growers in Illinois, Iowa, southern Wisconsin, southern Minnesota, Kentucky, and surrounding areas.

“Part of our culture at Wyffels Hybrids is to continually push the limits to find, develop and bring to market better seed corn genetics quicker than the competition,” said Shane Meis, director of research at Wyffels Hybrids. “We expect these hybrids to deliver best-in-industry yield potential, exceptional agronomics, and consistency across diverse conditions and environments. We are committed to bringing our customers industry-leading seed solutions that can help their operations be more profitable.”

Early season hybrids:
W1746RIB 96 RM (VT2P)
• Outstanding yield potential with a strong agronomic package
• Excellent late-season standability
• Great adaptability to a wide variety of soils
• Semi-flex ear excels at high and low populations

W1796RIB 97 RM (VT2P)
• Industry-leading yield potential for this maturity
• Works across a wide range of soils and environments
• Semi-flex ear with high test weight grain
• Good stress tolerance

W1886RIB 97 RM (VT2P)
• Excellent choice for this maturity, especially moving south as an early hybrid
• Great Goss’ wilt tolerance
• Outstanding stalk and root strength offer a late harvest option
• Semi-flex ear with excellent grain quality

W2610 100 RM (CONV)
• Rock solid performance across soil types
• Impressive early vigor and early to pollinate for maturity
• Exceptional root strength; low green snap risk
• Very good drought tolerance

W3070 101 RM (CONV)
• Exhibits outstanding performance across environments
• Strong-rooted plant that maintains stalk integrity
• Robust plant with high yield potential
• A great silage option

Mid-season hybrids:
W4196RIB 105 RM (VT2P)
• New leader in this maturity with exciting yield potential
• Excellent tolerance to Goss’ wilt and anthracnose
• Semi-flex ear excels over a wide range of populations
• Outstanding performance across soil types

W5516RIB 108 RM (VT2P)
• Phenomenal yield potential for this maturity
• Strong stalks allow for a wide harvest window
• Semi-determinate ear responds well to higher populations
• Great north to south movement

W6896RIB / W6898RIB 110/112 RM (VT2P/SS)
• Consistent, high-yielding hybrids
• Semi-determinate ear responds to higher populations
• Low green snap risk
• Wide geographic adaptability with excellent north to south movement

W6940 111 RM (CONV)
• Impressive top-end yield potential
• Excellent Goss’ wilt tolerance
• Strong roots and low green snap risk
• Excellent early vigor

W7450 / W7452 112 RM (CONV/RR2)
• Impressive yields across soil types
• Excellent leaf disease package with great late-season intactness
• Flex ear with high quality, high test weight grain
• Very good drought tolerance

W7576RIB / W7578RIB 112/113 RM (VT2P/SS)
• Outstanding top-end yield potential
• Great geographic adaptability, especially moving north as a full-season option
• Semi-flex ear with high test weight
• Strong tolerance to northern leaf blight and anthracnose

Late-season hybrids:
W7976RIB 113 RM (VT2P)
• Consistent, high top-end yield potential
• Excellent disease tolerance and a good late harvest option
• Low green snap risk
• Semi-flex ear and strong health package makes it an ideal fit for tough soils

W8646RIB 116 RM (VT2P)
• Tremendous top-end yield potential
• Excellent standability and late-season appearance
• Handles heat and drought stress well
• Semi-flex ear with very good grain quality

W8910 115 RM (CONV)
• Extremely high-yielding across soil types
• Robust plant shades the soil in tough environments
• Attention grabbing late-season plant integrity allows for late harvest
• Top of the line grain quality

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