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Your barn could be picked for the next Busch Light Corn Can ad


Farmers and ranchers love when they are acknowledged by major companies. One way that Anheuser-Busch is trying to recognize farmers is through their limited-edition Busch Light Corn Cans. Last May, the brand launched Busch Light Corn Cans with a portion of all sales being donated to Farm Rescue — a non-profit that provides critical material aid to family farms.

However, many farmers will also recall that Anheuser-Busch ran into some trouble with corn farmers during the 2019 Super Bowl. Anheuser-Busch spent $5.3 million to let everyone know that one of their beer brands — Bud Light — is made without corn syrup, while bashing competitors that did use the byproduct of American corn farmers. To no surprise, that did not settle well with corn farmers. The commercial also made its way to court for false advertising. 

So fence-mending seems to be appropriate. To continue on that effort, Busch is once again contributing a portion of all sales to Farm Rescue, and going even bigger #ForTheFarmers with a commitment to redirect a portion of its advertising budget from commercial billboards in major cities to barns, sheds, and structures of all sorts, owned by farmers and other rural people across the country.

To participate, Busch is asking American to let the brand know if they’ve got the perfect spot on their land for a Busch advertisement and, if selected, Busch will pay them $5,000 to display a Busch #ForTheFarmers ad on their structure. Busch will be personalizing the advertisements for the selected locations so that they symbolize what makes each placement so special.

In addition to financial backing to Farm Rescue. last year the brand also provided funds to help the nonprofit expand its operations into Kansas, providing harvest assistance operations to farms within the state. A portion of each pack of Busch Corn Cans sold will be donated to Farm Rescue up to $100,000.

“We are thrilled for the return of Corn Cans and we’re grateful for Busch’s continued support toward our mission of helping America’s farmers,” said Bill Gross, Founder & President of Farm Rescue. “Their generosity and ongoing donations allows us to expand our operations to help more farm families in crisis.”

For more information, and to submit your barn or shed for consideration, please visit their website, and Busch will review the applications to determine if your farm can be a #ForTheFarmers partner.

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