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Youth test their knowledge at the National Holstein Convention


During this year’s National Holstein Convention, youth from around the country competed for coveted awards while putting their dairy knowledge to the test in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The annual convention was held from June 27 through July 1.  

The Holstein Foundation’s national Holstein youth competitions are held each year to help youth learn life skills, while learning about the dairy industry. Contests held include Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl, and the Dairy Knowledge Exam. 

“Each year, the Holstein Foundation’s contests give youth a chance to expand their knowledge of the agricultural industry,” said the youth program specialist for the U.S. Holstein Association Kelly Dunkley. “The competitions give participants an opportunity to improve their skills and interact with peers and mentors in the dairy community.”

Dairy Jeopardy results

In the Dairy Jeopardy division, youth compete similarly to the popular television game show. Winners placed out of nearly 70 contests from 18 states competing in this division. The winning individuals from each age group are listed:

Junior Division:
1st: Alison Hartman, Wi
2nd: Kyle Ainger, IL
3rd: Lane Mull, CA

Intermediate Division:
1st: Rachel Crown, VA
2nd: Elsie Donlick, NY
3rd: Bennett Dunston, NY

Senior Division:
1st: Abby Prince, CA
2nd: Daniel Clapp, CT
3rd: Kylie Conine, CA

National Dairy Bowl Results

The National Dairy bowl pits teams in matching age brackets: junior and senior to compete for coveted titles. California teams dominated the junior and senior divisions, beating Illinois and New York in final, heated contests. 

Junior California team members included Sophie van Loben Sells, Carly Roche, Lauren Silveira, Chloe Chapman and their coach, Dawn Roche.

The top five junior teams were Illinois coming in second, Pennsylvania in third, New England in fourth, and Wisconsin in fifth. 

Senior California team members included Rachel Manceba, Emma Van Loben Sells, Mikel Mull, Victoria Paolini. The senior winning team was coached by Kristen Arejas. 

New York placed second in the senior division followed by Iowa in third, Pennsylvania in fourth, and Wisconsin in fifth. 

In addition to awarding Dairy Bowl Winners, a sportsmanship award that included cash and commemorative tokens was awarded to the junior team from Wisconsin, and the senior team from Iowa. 

Dairy Knowledge Exam results

The 25-question, written exam allows junior and senior youth to test their dairy knowledge. The winners of this division were:

Junior Division:
1st: Carly Rocha, CA
2nd: Elsie Donlick, NY
3rd: Sydney Bullard, ME

Senior Division:
1st: Abby Prince, CA
2nd: Annika Donlik, NY
3rd: Isaiah Hammerand, IA

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