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AGI SureTrack offers innovative solutions for managing the modern farm

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AGI SureTrack, formerly Intellifarms, is at the forefront of modern farm technology and management. They offer an innovative all-in-one farm operating and recordkeeping platform. This helps farmers better automate, manage, track, and use the information and statistics on their farm while having supply chain visibility and management. They are partnered with Farmobile, an independent data company to accomplish this. They were on display at the 2020 Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

“A feature of the SureTrack system is that it allows the farmer to better sell commodities to the right processor,” explains Todd Sears, AGI SureTrack  Founder and Brand Ambassador.

This is thanks to one of the programs included in the AGI SureTrack FARM online subscription, BinManager. BinManager helps farmers grow for a purpose and capture top dollar prices and premium for quality grains. Farmers can monitor their bins 24/7 with their inventory quantity and quality information all in one place. When used in conjunction of the Perten 9500 tester, users can tie those results into BinManager and the SureTrack FARM accounts, and then share that data with the right buyers and processors to obtain maximum dollars.


Other programs in the FARM subscription include YieldFax, which is a database to view and compare top performing seed varieties; FieldDataManager, which uses their soil probe to monitors the real-time soil conditions; CashBidManager, which can maximize return on investment by viewing real-time cash bids; and MarketManager which shares crop information with prospective buyers and lists live demands from buyers, processors and merchandizers. AGI SureTrack brings so many components into one place, enabling customers to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle beginning with seed selection, through crop growth, to grain storage management and marketing opportunities.

And the customers are not just paying for some nifty programs. AGI SureTrack’s 24-hour customer service serves as an extension of the farm team. They offer on-farm consultation and support, as well as 24/7 phone support, and provide complete installation services for their members.

Being on the cutting edge of modern farm technology, AGI SureTrack is able to boast 478 million bushels managed, an average soybean $1.90 profit per bushel profit gain, 2.79 million managed acres and 102 million tested seed trials to date.

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