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The buzz about Honey Bee’s AirFLEX SDX header


When looking for a new header, producers want the best quality and innovation to help throughout harvest. Especially during harvest, time is money — producers don’t want to be stuck in the field or running at a snail’s pace. For 40 years the folks at Honey Bee have been perfecting their draper header and released the AirFLEX SDX header, which was on display at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show. 

The Honey Bee AirFLEX SDX header is a true flex, fully mechanical draper header. The floating cutting bar is operated by airbags, instead of hydraulic, reducing power consumption from the combine. Not only does this allow for faster speeds, but it also allows the header to hug the ground closer and reduces build up or dragging of materials. It has an easy to operate display that controls all of the automatic functions and ties in with the combine. 

The header has a lightweight, yet sturdy build with a center drive cutter bar. The center drive cutter bar is directly driven by the gear box on the right side of the header and helps reduce weight on the outside of the header, which minimizes buildup and dragging. Another great feature is the flip over reel, which reduces wrapping from the crop. With multiple tine spacing on the reel and optional cross augers, the AirFLEX SDX header is sure to leave no crop behind. 

The AirFLEX SDX header is compatible to any make and model of combine — whether you are a John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Claas, or any other manufacturer, Honey Bee has you covered. With sizes ranging from 25 to 50 feet, Honey Bee can meet the needs of any size operation. The optional transport system makes getting from field to field quick and easy, along with saving the need for a header trailer. 

With Honey Bee expanding into new territories, be sure to contact a dealer in your area to learn more

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