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John Deere expands with 1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter and ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer Application


When you visit the National Farm Machinery Show, the John Deere booth always draws a crowd. Producers are looking for new innovations that will change how they operate throughout the year. This year John Deere had its new 1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter and the ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer Application on display. 

1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter

When it comes to new planters, bigger isn’t always better or required. For today’s corn and soybean customers who require planter-applied fertilizer, a split-row configuration, and narrow transport, John Deere introduces the 1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter.

Because of its simple design, the planter is compatible with older tractors (95 drawbar horsepower) and up. The new 1745 Planter can be quickly be folded for transport, right from the cab. Once folded, its compact size tracks within the duals of the tractor for stable, narrow transport under 13-foot high.

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Jeffrey Barnes, product manager for the 1745 planter said, “You can get all the different options that come with the MaxEmerge 5 row unit. We can keep it real simple with the finger pick up meter and mechanical drive or we can add technology. We can outfit it with a Central Commodity System, vacuum meters, row shut offs, the latest SeedStar system. We are really allowing producers to a la carte this planter to match their operation.”

Customers can choose from an 8-row, 30-inch or a 15-row, 15-inch configuration for the 1745 Planter.

Originally in Deere’s Russia and Argentina market, the 1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter was introduced to its North American market this week.  John Deere will be taking orders for the 1745 Planter beginning in June with shipments beginning later this fall. 

ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer Application

As input costs continue to rise, farmers are looking for ways to enhance their planting equipment to provide precise placement and reduce inputs when possible. Similar to the ExactApply on their sprayers, ExactRate is a way for producers to put starter fertilizer down with their planters precisely. 

“ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to help reduce fertilizer costs and the amount of chemicals applied by shutting off application in areas of overlap or non-application,” Ryan Hough, marketing manager, planting and seeding for John Deere said. “Using ExactRate, customers can follow the 4R Principles of Nutrient Stewardship by applying the right product, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place.”

ExactRate is compatible with select models of John Deere planters with electric drive including the 1775NT, 1795, DB60, DB 44 and DB66 Planters. Thanks to its hydraulic-driven pump, ExactRate can be operated at maximum speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h), enabling operators to plant up to 5.9 more acres per hour.

John Deere will start taking orders for ExactRate beginning in June, with shipments starting later this fall. For more information on both new products, visit your local dealer or

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