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Kinze 4705 planter carries 05 series upgrades and so much more


What’s new in blue? We ask that question in anticipation of the next innovative and cost-effective update that Kinze Manufacturing reliably delivers every year. On the heels of the 2019 unveiling of the 4700 planter, Kinze is preserving the most notable features of that tool — such as the three-section front-folding frame and the 600-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity — and infusing them with the recently released 05 series enhancements. The result is the Kinze 4705 planter, which stands apart from other large-frame planters in the industry.

Notably, with the series upgrades, all Kinze planters that end in the “05” model number will have an increased wear life of many components, simplified maintenance, and improved performance — all of which will help reduce the cost of planter ownership. Also, improvements in the hydraulics and electrical systems of the 05 series models lead to a cleaned-up toolbar.

The advancements seen here show that the complexity of the machine and wear life of many parts are being addressed at the same time. “It all comes together as a systems approach to the new series,” said Kinze Director of North America Sales Eric Broadbent, who is at the National Farm Machinery Show, Booth 4499 in the North Wing.

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The 4705, which will be available in spring 2021, is a workhorse that builds upon an already-sturdy foundation, being able to strengthen it in many ways. In addition to the 36-row, 20-inch flex-frame specs that can be found on the 4700, the 4705 is adding a 24-row, 30-inch version. The 4705 features a front-fold configuration and tires mounted in front of the toolbar, which help to address trash flow, particularly on no-till farms, Broadbent noted. The hydraulically operated wing locks make for easy folding, and the high tire clearance improves navigation on roadways.  It also has 120 bu bulk fill seed capacity with hydraulic weight transfer and an industry-leading 600 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity.

The 4705 is offered with Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, and True Rate meters. True Depth hydraulic down force, which delivers precise control and seed placement, is an optional add-on.

“The 4705 does a great job at making sure your seed depth is controlled,” Broadbent explained.

Kinze’s focus on technology and simplicity are readily apparent in the 4705 planter. With greater efficiency, higher productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and ease of use, the new 4705 — with 05 series enhancements — will bring farmers an exciting new level of performance. The 4705 isn’t on display at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show, but Broadbent and other Kinze representatives are available to talk about it at Booth 4499 in the North Wing. More information is also available on Kinze’s website.


The article was published on behalf of Kinze.

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