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Sort’N Buddy’s tech is new way to handle farm gates

jaclyn krymowski


One innovative ranch family has developed a tech-based solution to a long-time cowboy struggle. The Sort’N Buddy eliminates much of the stress of sorting cattle and maneuvering equipment and animals through pasture and sorting gates — by using remote control. That’s right, this system allows livestock handlers (or anyone!) to open and close gates from their smartphones. This system was on display at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show.

The Sort’N Buddy makes it possible for cattle to be sorted by an individual in a way that is much easier, safer and significantly less stressful. It’s no wonder they tout this device as being a “marriage saver!” The mechanical gate operator is set in weatherproof steel housing, is capable of maneuvering any functional free-swinging gate, and has the speed and torque necessary for the rough task of sorting livestock. The company is proud to say the Sort’N Buddy is truly “made in the U.S.A.,” with the highest quality materials and components available on the market. Made with rugged gearmotors providing durability, this system is designed for years of reliable service. And the designer thought of everything — it comes with a fully self-contained 12-volt solar charged battery requiring almost no maintenance. It can also be plugged into additional power sources if the user so chooses.

This innovative design also deploys a “tension spring breakaway mechanism,” which allows the user to adjust for the weight of any gate. This means when ornery cattle blast by and hit the gate, it detaches from the unit and protects the Sort’N Buddy from damage. Best of all, this is easily reconnected, so these minor setback don’t have to interrupt your workday.

Besides cattle sorting, this design works perfectly for all sorts of farm, ranch, and home applications. It allows secure access to almost any gate, anywhere without ever exiting your vehicle. This remote-based system even has the capacity to operate two gates with a single remote, allowing for a standard three-way sorting process at the touch of a button.

Made by ranchers for ranchers no stone was left unturned in the creation of this system. It has the power and speed to keep up with the heavy demands of farm labor.

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