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True Speed technology and 05 series updates propel the next-gen Kinze 4905 planter


A planter being able to operate at faster speeds is one thing — and not entirely uncommon in the ag industry — but being able to plant at up to 12 mph accurately and consistently puts Kinze’s 4905 planter with True Speed technology ahead of the pack.

Kinze has also released the “05 series” planters, which offer a number of enhancements that will increase the wear life of many components, simplify maintenance, improve performance, and reduce the overall cost of planter ownership.

The 4905, which will be available in spring 2021 along with other planters in Kinze’s game-changing 05 series, delivers dependability of the electric meter and seed tube all the way to the trench — from 3 to 12 mph. So, whether you’re taking it slow or you’re hitting the higher speeds and experiencing bounce and other less-than-ideal conditions, True Speed technology won’t vary seed spacing or sacrifice other levels of performance.

“You want the accuracy and dependability of the meter all the way to the trench,” said Kinze Director of North America Sales Eric Broadbent, who is with his team at the National Farm Machinery Show, Booth 4499 in the North Wing. “True Speed enables us to plant with a higher degree of accuracy, particularly in the higher speeds. But what’s unique about True Speed, compared with other high-speed planters, is that it will also maintain precision at the lower speeds.”

All of this is operated from Kinze’s easy-to-use Blue Vantage display, a highly intuitive user interface that is simple and easy to use. Blue Vantage uses a 12-inch monitor attached above the steering wheel to get farmers from zero-to-go in just three clicks. Sometimes, when things have to get done, as we saw in 2019 with such narrow planting windows across much of the Corn Belt, you just have to go, and having an interface as simple and efficient as Blue Vantage is something that resonates with growers.

Kinze’s 4905 planter will be available in spring 2021, along with other planters in the game-changing 05 series.

True Speed’s meter functionality is truly next-level technology. The company’s meters have long been known for their ease when switching between seed types, and that was something Kinze wanted to carry over into its new technology.

“When we developed the True Speed meter,” Broadbent said, “we wanted to retain that same concept. When you’re changing between corn and soybeans, all you need to do is change the seed disc. There are not going to be any brushes or singulators that you have to change out.”

Where does the integration of True Speed leave the operator? Better off, for sure. And ultimately the opportunity for a little something extra in his or her bank account.

Kinze’s True Speed technology aids scalability, meaning growers don’t have to go from a 12-row to a 16-row or to a 24-row planter to handle an expanding operation. The 12 mph top speed allows more acres to be planted without sacrificing accuracy and without having to upgrade to larger models or additional planters. “I can take the same planter I’ve been running, and I don’t have to grow to a 24-row to still get the best performance,” Broadbent noted.

Secondly, the increased seed-placement accuracy — both in terms of depth and spacing — will pay off financially for growers as it translates into improved overall yields.

kinze 05 series

While True Speed gives Kinze an enviable position among its competitors, the 4905, which is available in 12-, 16-, and 24-row configurations, is further aided by upgrades that have been engineered into the 05 planter series available in 2021. Planters with these enhancements are designated with model numbers ending in “05”.

Reducing maintenance is the driving force behind the 05s. The series addresses both complexity of the machines and wear life simultaneously, creating a systems approach to the enhancements found on these planters.

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On the 4905, these are some of the key features growers can expect:

  • A redesigned bulk fill system to help support additional crop seed types and increased rates.
  • Simplified electrical and hydraulic system. Kinze looked at every hydraulically functioning aspect of this planter, including the lift and fold, and improved it. “As farmers come into the headland and making the turn, they’re going to see dramatically improved, almost cut in half, time it takes to get fully raised,” Broadbent said.
  • The use of heavy-duty double-row bearings for disc openers, an important upgrade to complement the increased planting speeds.
  • Parallel arm double bushing design. Bushing to bushing wear rather than wear on the arm itself allows for easy, cost effective maintenance when that time comes. “And when the time comes, the only thing you’d be replacing is the bushing rather than something as significant as a whole parallel arm,” Broadbent said.
  • An improved inner scraper for longevity.
  • New Firestone VF radial tires, with a tread that’s unique to Kinze and that works to reduce ground compaction.
  • A quieter vacuum fan, now with 1.5” vacuum hoses, should be a welcome enhancement for many farmers. The use of smaller, 1.5-inch hoses cut down on toolbar clutter and provide easier serviceability on the toolbar. “These things are designed to really improve the appearance. This toolbar is significantly cleaned up,” Broadbent said.

Kinze is a company that values technology and simplicity. With greater efficiency, higher productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and ease of use, the new 4905 high-speed planter with 05 series enhancements will bring farmers an exciting new level of performance. To learn more, visit Kinze in the North Wing, Booth 4499, at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show.


This article was published on behalf of Kinze.

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