frosty berseem

Using berseem clover to improve alfalfa production

· February 18, 2020

This article was written by Don Baune, co-founder of GO SEED (formerly known as Grassland Oregon), and is republished with permission as part of AGDAILY’s focus on cover crops.   For alfalfa producers needing to renovate fields suffering from winterkill or looking to increase the quality and yield of this season’s hay crop, improved cover crop […]

Growers do less cutting, get higher yields with HarvXtra alfalfa

· November 24, 2017

Too much rain at the wrong time seemed to impact many alfalfa growers this harvest season and while we can’t change the weather, one Winfield United expert says management around the alfalfa cutting cycle and incorporating new alfalfa technologies can give some flexibility for harvesting, cutting, and managing alfalfa. We had the opportunity to chat […]

CROPLAN: Let’s not cut corners on alfalfa management

· April 13, 2017

As new seed technologies emerge in the industry each year, it’s important to make sure growers get the most out of those alfalfa acres planted. “We have some great new products in the industry right now, talking about reduced lignin alfalfa, the new HarvXtra trait that helps us with higher quality alfalfa or having a […]

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