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Alliance releases reports from 2022 animal rights conferences

· December 2, 2022

The Animal Agriculture Alliances is encouraging agriculturalists to be aware of key activists trends including “undercover videos”, marketing campaigns targeting human emotion, and legislative pressure in its release of reports from five prominent animal rights extremist conferences held over the course of 2022.

Alliance: Animal rights activists focused on ‘animal liberation’

· July 10, 2018

From taking extreme action to liberate livestock to discussing the reproductive rights of female animals, animal rights activists covered it at all at their latest conference. And the Animal Agriculture Alliance has all the details, releasing a report today with their observations from the Animal Rights National Conference, held June 28 through July 1 in […]

Animal activist arrested after Washington chicken truck crash

· June 28, 2018

Animal rights activists this week pounced on the scene of a chicken truck crash in Washington that spilled more than 5,000 birds into the road. One activist was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft after refusing to let one of the chickens go. According to the KGW8, the semi carrying 5,000 to 6,0000 Foster Farms […]

Wisconsin teen dairy farmer stands up to animal rights activists

· June 19, 2018

After animal rights activists attacked this Wisconsin teen dairy farmer saying dairy farmers lack morals, empathy, respect for life, and passion, she took to social media. Now her message is resonating with many as the industry strives to shed a positive light on dairy farming this June Dairy Month. Lauren Siemers, whose family owns Siemers […]

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