BioZyme: Cattle producers may need to stretch hay with grain

· May 7, 2018

This year an earlier than expected dry season has left some cattle producers without the green pastures they usually rely on. And last year’s drought leaves little hay to feed, putting producers in a rut. “This early drought has caught many producers off guard,” said Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition for BioZyme Inc. “And hay […]

Are your bulls ready for breeding season?

· November 3, 2017

Breeding season is just around the corner. Are your bulls ready to service multiple females during the next few months while contributing 50 percent of your next calf crop’s genetic material? According to one BioZyme expert, cattle producers should start preparing a bull for turnout as soon as he is pulled from the cows the […]

Cattle producers may be little short on good wheat pasture

· November 1, 2017

With less than ideal planting conditions in many regions this year, wheat is getting planted later than usual. This can impact the amount of forage available to cattle, especially early on. Jeff Bedwell, agronomist with Oklahoma Land Run Farmer’s Cooperative and cow-calf producer from Isabella, Oklahoma, said that producers will likely need to make some […]

Calving season almost here: Are you ready, set, go?

· September 20, 2017

D-day is almost here. Hopefully your cattle nutrition and breeding decisions have been on track for a successful calving season. Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition and Regulatory Support at BioZyme, offers three tips to make sure you are prepared for this calving season. 1. Make Sure Your Calving Kit is Ready There is nothing like […]

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