Central Plains Dairy Expo

CROPLAN: Let’s not cut corners on alfalfa management

· April 13, 2017

As new seed technologies emerge in the industry each year, it’s important to make sure growers get the most out of those alfalfa acres planted. “We have some great new products in the industry right now, talking about reduced lignin alfalfa, the new HarvXtra trait that helps us with higher quality alfalfa or having a […]

Calf health: Stop Salmonella before it spreads

· April 6, 2017

A calf may have the healthiest gastrointestinal tract and best immune system in the world at birth, but that doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to Salmonella. “There are two kinds of farms. Those that have Salmonella and those that don’t know they have it,” said Dr. Corale Dorn, DVM, Dell Veterinary Clinic, Dell Rapids, South […]

Kent Feeds: Dairy beef feeding a profitable alternative

· April 5, 2017

For the young producer starting out, one area that often gets overlooked, but can be very profitable, is raising dairy beef from calf to finish. It’s an area of production that James Grothe, Kent Feeds has perfected over the last 25 years. Grothe shared his experience during the breakout session, “Calf and Dairy Beef Key […]

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