backyard chickens

You want backyard chickens? Here’s what you need in your coop

· August 28, 2020

There are many perks to having backyard chickens, no matter whether you live on a couple of acres out in the country or have a large farm and need a few of the feathered critters roaming around it. It’s no joke that you’ll almost never have to grocery shop for eggs again if you have […]

Nebraska man gets even with mountain lion killing his chickens

· August 15, 2018

A Nebraska man took matters in his own hands after discovering a female mountain lion killing his chickens. After the landowner near Hay Springs observed the mountain lion killing his chickens, he shot and killed the 10- to 12-month-old, and immediately reported it to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in accordance with state law. […]

Utah school farm attacked again; Stray dog may be to blame

· August 15, 2018

An urban school farm in Salt City Lake City, Utah has been attacked again by a canine, this time killing two of their baby alpacas. Roots Charter High School Director Tyler Bastian believes one stray dog is to blame for the incident. The alpacas had been purchased to help protect the sheep on the farm, […]

Animal activist arrested after Washington chicken truck crash

· June 28, 2018

Animal rights activists this week pounced on the scene of a chicken truck crash in Washington that spilled more than 5,000 birds into the road. One activist was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft after refusing to let one of the chickens go. According to the KGW8, the semi carrying 5,000 to 6,0000 Foster Farms […]

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