citrus greening

California puts together strategic plan to fight Huanglongbing

· April 18, 2018

The California Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee is trying to get ahead of the fast-moving Huanglongbing.To evaluate and improve its strategies for fighting the progression of Huanglongbing (otherwise known as citrus greening), the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee recently developed a strategic plan with five key priorities to guide its focus. The committee […]

California Citrus tackles Huanglongbing from yard to farm

· March 6, 2018

California doesn’t have citrus greening. It’s Huanglongbing. “Once we began to learn what was going on in Florida, the severity of the situation, we recognized in California, given what was going on in Mexico that we were going to have a problem,” said Joel Nelsen, President and CEO, California Citrus Mutual. “We put together some […]

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