Study finds dogs may be able to sniff out crop diseases early

· June 12, 2018

A new study out of Florida International University has proven that dogs are truly more than man’s best friend — they may be an agricultural industry partner. The study evaluated the use of scent-discriminating canines for the detection of laurel wilt-affected wood from avocado trees and the results are promising. Julian Mendel, Kenneth G. Furton, […]

Deaf, almost blind farm dog saves lost 3-year-old

· April 23, 2018

An Australian farm dog has been making headlines over the weekend after saving a 3-year-old girl lost in the bush overnight. When little Aurora went missing Friday at 3 p.m., the 17-year old blue heeler named Max, who is deaf and partially blind, was right by her side. In fact he stayed with her for […]

Washington farmer stops feces covered drunk driver

· April 12, 2018

A farmer from Pierce County, Washington took matters in his own hand when a drunk driver drove through his gate over the weekend. After the farmer boxed in the man’s white Subaru Crosstrek with his tractor, the 25-year-old male took off on foot across the pasture and jumped in a large container to hide. Little […]

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