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Cover crops: Covering your assets during drought

· September 10, 2019

This article was written by Brent Jones, Sales and Iowa Research Farm Manager Grassland Oregon, and is republished with permission as part of AGDAILY’s focus on cover crops.   Benjamin Franklin was right on the money about all of us being able to count on death and taxes at some point in time, but he overlooked one […]

K-State: Could we genetically select cattle for drought?

· July 17, 2018

Kansas State University researchers say they are making steady progress on a study that will help define how water intake relates to a cow’s ability to adapt to drought or heat stress. Megan Rolf, an assistant professor of animal breeding and genetics, says the cattle industry has sparse information on how much water individual cattle […]

National Young Farmers Coalition to address drought in D.C.

· June 11, 2018

With the Colorado River Basin facing yet another year of water scarcity, the National Young Farmers Coalition is bringing young farmers from impacted states to Washington, D.C. this week to advocate for farm bill programs that promote drought resilience and enable a new generation of farmers to grow the nation’s food supply. “These young farmers […]

Livestock water quality may not be up to par after drought

· May 9, 2018

After last year’s drought conditions across several regions in the U.S. many producers may want to check their water quality before turning out their livestock. “Runoff from snowmelt and spring rains may not be enough to replenish depleted ponds and dugouts, and water quality in ponds and dugouts still may be compromised by concentrated levels […]


BioZyme: Cattle producers may need to stretch hay with grain

· May 7, 2018

This year an earlier than expected dry season has left some cattle producers without the green pastures they usually rely on. And last year’s drought leaves little hay to feed, putting producers in a rut. “This early drought has caught many producers off guard,” said Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition for BioZyme Inc. “And hay […]

Canada thistle expected to be major concern during #Plant18

· March 8, 2018

As any farmer from the Western Dakotas to Wyoming and Montana can testify, the 2017 drought took a toll on the spring wheat crop. And now thanks to the drought, it’s created conditions for increased Canada thistle competition this growing season. “With every different type of growing condition brings different types of issues the following […]

Drought protection? Crops need thick layer of leaf wax

· August 16, 2017

Good news. Crops in dry areas or during stretches of drought can grow if the plants have been cultivated to protect themselves with a thicker layer of leaf wax, a new study shows. Sarah Feakins, a scientist at University of Southern California who has studied leaf wax in the context of climate change, teamed up […]

North Dakota opens up hay lottery to other drought states

· August 14, 2017

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) and North Dakota State University (NDSU) N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station are pleased to announced the hay lottery is expanding to drought-affected producers in the tri-state area. “We are pleased to open the hay lottery to producers in South Dakota and Montana experiencing drought and wildfire,” North Dakota Agriculture […]

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