Dupont Pioneer

K-State, DuPont Pioneer study: Corn yield per plant increasing

· July 24, 2018

A collaboration between Kansas State University and DuPont Pioneer Agronomy analyzing 30 years of corn plant population responses shows that as agronomic optimum plant density increased, the range for maximizing yields also widened. DuPont Pioneer has collected data on corn plant population responses and yield gains to provide better information on hybrids. From 1987 to […]

Corteva narrows offering to 5 regional corn, soybean brands

· May 10, 2018

Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont has announced its new, focused multi-channel, multi-brand seed strategy for the U.S. Corteva Agriscience will go to market through five regional corn and soybean seed brands in the U.S., including Dairyland Seed, Hoegemeyer, NuTech, Seed Consultants, and Terral. Each will have a strengthened and expanded portfolio to serve the […]

Hula breaks corn yield world record again with Pioneer hybrid

· January 3, 2018

David Hula did it again in 2017. The Virginia farmer set a new world corn yield record with 542 bushels per acre using Pioneer P1197AM brand corn, breaking his 2015 record of 532 bushels per acre. Hula previously set record-breaking yields in 2013 with Pioneer hybrid P2088YHR, as well. In total, the NCGA awarded 9 […]

DuPont Pioneer: 51 new corn, 56 new soybean products

· December 18, 2017

Growers that use DuPont Pioneer products will have 51 new choices in corn and 56 new choices in soybean products for the 2018 planting season.  The corn products range from ultra-early maturity 69-CRM corn to full-season 118-CRM corn and include 22 new genetic platforms. “Our advanced breeding technology investments have super-charged our product development process […]

41 soybean growers begin DuPont Young Leader Program

· December 14, 2017

The 34th class of American Soybean Association (ASA) DuPont Young leaders recently began their leadership journey at DuPont Pioneer headquarters in Johnston, Iowa. The Johnston training session was the first phase of a program designed to identify new and aspiring leaders within the agriculture community and provide them with opportunities to enhance their skills and […]

Pioneer to bring CRISPR-Cas technology to Danforth Center

· October 19, 2017

DuPont Pioneer is bringing CRISPR-Cas technology to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (Danforth Center) to jointly develop improved food security crops. Under the terms of the agreement, Pioneer will provide the Danforth Center access to its intellectual property (IP), technology capabilities, and scientific expertise related to methods for using CRISPR-Cas advanced plant breeding technology […]

DuPont Pioneer secures CRISPR-Cas9 licensing

· October 18, 2017

DuPont Pioneer and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have reached an agreement to jointly provide non-exclusive licenses to foundational CRISPR-Cas9 intellectual property under their respective control for use in commercial agricultural research and product development. These two major CRISPR-Cas9 license holders are coming together with the shared goal of enabling all entities wanting […]

DuPont Pioneer Plenish soybean oil top pick for fryers

· August 24, 2017

Performance Food Group Company is introducing a new high-performance soybean oil and the primary ingredient — Pioneer brand Plenish high oleic soybean oil. Plenish has been shown to maintain its quality longer in fryers and has an oil profile similar to that of olive oil without impacting taste. Brilliance High Performance Soybean Clear Fry Oil […]

DuPont Pioneer opens up innovation to third-party collaborators

· July 19, 2017

Have a novel idea for CRISPR-Cas genome editing or an application for disease control? DuPont Pioneer invites third-party innovators to get in on the action and connect with the company’s scientists through their new website Open Innovation. “DuPont Pioneer is building on its long history of collaboration to advance science-based customer solutions by enhancing its […]

DuPont Pioneer, Caribou identify CRISPR-Cas9 targets

· May 2, 2017

Caribou Biosciences, a leading company in CRISPR-Cas genome engineering, and DuPont Pioneer have published a new method for comprehensively mapping CRISPR-Cas9 cleavage sites across the genome of any organism. When comparing SITE-Seq against other off-target analysis techniques, SITE-Seq detected potential off-target cleavage sites with a higher degree of resolution. This study has significant implications for […]

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