USDA ushers in plans for improved electric service in 13 states

· September 20, 2018

“Reliable and affordable electricity is undeniably a necessity in today’s world,” said Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett. That’s why the USDA is investing $398.5 million to improve rural electric service in 13 states. The USDA is making the investments through the Electric Infrastructure Loan Program. The projects will help improve the quality […]

The Climate Trust invests in first livestock digester project

· September 21, 2017

The Climate Trust Capital’s Fund I will invest $862,000 in a covered lagoon digester that will destroy methane and produce carbon offsets under California’s cap and trade system. The investment is based on the anticipated 10-year value of carbon credits from a livestock digester project located at West-Star North Dairy, a 1,500-acre farm in California’s […]

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