European Union

European Court rules gene editing falls under GMO directive

· July 25, 2018

A European Court ruling today on gene editing could set back cutting-edge research and development in agriculture and even medicine. In today’s judgement, the European Court of Justice ruled that organisms obtained by mutagenesis are GMOs within the meaning of the GMO Directive, in so far as the techniques and methods of mutagenesis alter the […]

Bayer, Syngenta disappointed by EU neonicotinoids court ruling

· May 17, 2018

Bayer and Syngenta are disappointed with the verdict of the General Court of the European Union’s on Case T-429/13 Bayer CropScience v European Commission. The Court has ruled that the European Commission’s decision from 2013, which restricted the use of certain neonicotinoids, was lawful. Bayer said they will review the verdict in detail and assess […]

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