Which country exports the most prepared fruits and nuts?

· August 13, 2018

According to the report “World: Prepared Fruits – Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025,” recently published by IndexBox, the amount of prepared fruits and nuts exported worldwide stood at 7 million tons in 2016, rising by 4 percent against the previous year’s level. The total export volume increased at an average annual rate of […]

CREAATE Act would put more green behind American ag trade

· September 21, 2017

This week Senators Angus King (I-ME), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduced the “Cultivating Revitalization by Expanding American Trade and Exports (CREAATE) Act” to boost two federal programs critical for expanding global access to U.S. agricultural export. The CREAATE Act would  increase the funding for the Foreign Market Development Program […]

Ag: Trump Administration needs to keep doors open to Cuba

· June 19, 2017

After President Trump’s Cuba policy announcement Friday, several agricultural stakeholders have sounded off in disapproval. The new policy will keep U.S. companies from doing direct financial transactions with companies controlled by the Cuban military. “Cuba should be an easy market for U.S. corn farmers. Instead, that market has gone to our competitors—costing us an estimated […]

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