National Wheat Yield Contest

Fleet of combines rolls in to finish harvest after farmer dies

· August 22, 2018

After this Saskatchewan farm community lost one of their own last week, more than 100 volunteers showed up to help the family finish the durum wheat harvest. Last Friday 68-year-old Brian Williams passed away and while his family was still grieving, his neighbors and friends descended upon the family farm Sunday with 20 combines and […]

Touching video of 91-year-old ND farmer goes viral

· August 20, 2018

A touching moment of a 91-year-old North Dakota farmer getting a boost into the combine from his son has gone viral. When Tony Bernhardt of Kintyre had a little trouble getting up into the combine, his son came down to help and his grandson, Levi, just happened to catch the entire moment on video.  Originally […]

New York dairy farmer dies after gored by bull

· July 27, 2018

A Middlefield, New York dairy farmer has passed away this week after a bull he was feeding attacked him. According to, EMS crews found the body of Eugene Wolfert, 68, in his pasture Tuesday morning. Authorities believe Wolfert was feeding the bull at the time, but do not know what set the animal off […]

Oregon farmer dies in fire protecting neighbor’s property

· July 20, 2018

An Oregon farmer has died in a fire after authorities say he was trying to create a fire line to protect his neighbor’s property.  On Wednesday afternoon the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office reported to a call of a burnt tractor. Deputies located the burnt tractor and the operator of the tractor, John Ruby, a short […]

Farmer tries to sell 6-year-old McDonald’s cheeseburger, fries

· July 10, 2018

A farmer from Ontario, Canada is astounded eBay took down his recent post asking $29.99 for a 6-year-old McDonald’s cheeseburger and side of fries. I’m selling my 6 YEAR OLD McDonald’s Cheeseburger & Fries! You KNOW you want to buy them! Get your own piece of undying history today!! Originally Purchased June 7, 2012 […]

Farmer flings abandoned Audi from his field

· June 26, 2018

What happens when a farmer finds an abandoned Audi in his field? He gets out the boom lift and takes care of it. At least that’s what a farmer across the pond decided to do this past weekend after finding the crashed car abandoned on his farm. According to Farmers Weekly, the Bedfordshire farmer stumbled […]

Missouri man gets 15 years for killing uncle over ATV incident

· June 12, 2018

A St. Charles, Missouri man, who shot his uncle and then later burned his body on the farm, has received a 15-year sentence after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors Monday.  Nicholas G. Preli, 27, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter armed criminal action and tampering with evidence. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Preli shot […]

Michigan farmer against same-sex marriage seeks permanency

· June 1, 2018

The Michigan farmer who sued the city of East Lansing after he was excluded from the farmer’s market for his views on same-sex marriage will be back this weekend for his first full season in two years. But Steve Tennes, the owner of The Country Mill, wants to make his booth a permanent fixture at […]

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